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Peer support volunteer

Hi, I’m Becky. I live in Salford with my fiancé, my dog (a slightly feral Greek rescue ) and my little boy Murphy who is now 2 years old. I’m a work at home mum who loves strong coffee, good food and long walks in the park! ✨☕️


Peer support volunteer

Hey, I’m Rebecca 👋🏻 I've been a peer supporter with BOOBS since January 2023, and during that time I have physically and emotionally supported many families at various stages of breastfeeding, from getting breastfeeding established right through to weaning.

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Peer support volunteer

Hi I’m esme, Mama to my first baby Raphael. 🙌 I have always loved breastfeeding but have had rocky times facing a tongue tie which was resolved at 8 weeks was a major hurdle for me and one I couldn’t have got over without the help of the BOOBS Bury team.


Peer support volunteer

My name is Mary, I'm a dedicated breastfeeding volunteer with BOOBS. I am passionate about empowering new mothers and infants on their path to successful breastfeeding.


Peer support volunteer


Peer support volunteer

Hi, I’m Taymara, mom of 2, and I’ve been a volunteer with this B.O.O.B.S since December 2023. My breastfeeding journey began with my first child, whom I breastfed for two years. Being a part of the B.O.O.B.S team allows me to give back and support others in achieving their breastfeeding goals.


Peer support volunteer


Peer support volunteer

Hi, I'm Betty-Ann. I'm a volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter and volunteer walk leader. I breastfed my two boys; my eldest until 19 months and youngest until 23 months.

Our BOOBS peer support volunteers are the glue that holds our project together – we simply couldn’t support mums without them! Our volunteers are mums from both Salford and Bury who have all completed training through the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers or Breastfeeding Together – and crucially have all successfully breastfed their children, from between 4 months and nearly 3 years! This means they have a variety of experiences to be able to effectively give breastfeeding support. Our peer supporters can meet women 1:1 at our BOOBS venues, chat to them online or on the telephone, or provide a home visit (depending on the age of the baby.) They also support us through our monthly cafe events and stalls within the community.

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers – if you’re a breastfeeding mum in Salford or Bury borough, or have previously breastfed your children and have some time to spare, please use the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch.

Our volunteer roles

Benefits of volunteering for us

Salford & Bury Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re a breastfeeding mum who wants to help others, why not volunteer for BOOBS?
Our service is powered by volunteers who support parents to have a happy, healthy and comfortable breastfeeding journey.

Since 2021, we have supported over 1100 women on their breastfeeding journeys!

We normally have 2-3 recruitment rounds per year, each for 5-10 volunteers.

We are particularly looking for mums from Asian, African and Caribbean backgrounds to help our volunteer team better reflect our communities.


Peer Supporter
Antenatal Class Supporter
Breastfeeding cafe supporter

Our Peer Support volunteers get involved every week via face-to-face appointments with mums in our BOOBS Approved venues, in parents’ homes and via web-chat. They also support our Peer Support Lead Kerry at our Antenatal classes, join us at our Stay and Play sessions and help mums to socialise at our monthly Breastfeeding cafes.

We expect our peer support volunteers to:

Interested? Use the form below to fill in our volunteer registration form