Tier 2 BOOBS Approved Venues

Our Tier 2 BOOBS Approved venues across Salford (and now Bury too) are our partners in supporting all things local and breastfeeding! From Gyms and Nurseries, to independent cafes and restaurants, we have them all.

Our 100th BOOBS Approved venue

Why are Tier 2 BOOBS Approved venues special?

They not only agree to our Breastfeeding policy and agreement to welcome nursing parents in to their spaces, but also pay a membership fee to us AND offer an exclusive discount to our members – pretty good we must say! They are all rooted firmly in their communities across Salford and Bury, and many are family-run businesses. Now is a great time to be shopping small and local, and we can help you do that!

Wondering whether you should become part of #TEAMBOOBS or already got your shiny new card? See below for the latest offers from our Tier 2 BOOBS Approved venues. We’ve launched our new £15 Lifetime membership card which is just one payment to bag you a seat with #TEAMBOOBS forever!


Have a look at our full map of over 100 BOOBS Approved venues in Salford


We are always looking for more venues to join us – and to give value to our #TEAMBOOBS members. If you think a local business in Salford or Bury would be up for signing up to our scheme (and you fancy a bit of discount in your fav cafe of course) please let us know. Or if you’re a business owner interested in joining us, again get in touch.