Breastfeeding FAQ: Should I harvest colostrum antenatally?

Breastfeeding FAQ's:
Should I harvest colostrum antenatally?

This isn’t a yes or no question, let us explain….

If you are having a straightforward, low risk pregnancy there is likely to be no reason for you to need to harvest colostrum. Breastfeeding soon after birth gives your baby all the colostrum they need.

Harvesting colostrum antenatally isn’t always easy and can be uncomfortable.


There are some circumstances where your midwife may advise you to try and harvest some colostrum, 

  • It has been identified that baby has a cleft lip and/or palate
  • That baby may have a congenital condition, such as downs syndrome or a heart condition
  • If you are expecting multiples
  • If you have gestational diabetes
  • If you are taking beta blockers
  • If you have had breast surgery in the past
  • If you have breast hypoplasia

If you do fall into any of the above categories then please discuss with your midwife or reach out to us for support.

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