Greater Manchester Breastfeeding support during COVID-19

We’ve been working with partner organisations to make sure we’re up to date on the latest breastfeeding support available across Greater Manchester & Eastern Cheshire (GMEC) throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Whilst most face-to-face support has been closed due to the Coronavirus, there are still support options out there for you, no matter where you are in Greater Manchester, so please reach out for support if you need it.

National Helpline numbers – The National Breastfeeding helpline is staffed by BfN and ABM Breastfeeding Counsellors and is open 9.30am-9.30pm 365 days a year. 0300 100 0212


Let’s start with the obvious – Salford! Whilst there is no face-to-face support available at the minute from us due to COVID-19 we do have the following options:

  • We will have online video call support via Zoom, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime or any other video call method if needed.
  • Messenger discussions
  • Lots of online information available over coming weeks
  • Telephone support available – please message us or email
  • Fun stuff such as interviews with experts (Emma Pickett IBCLC)

Salford’s Well baby clinics and baby social groups in the children centres are all cancelled due to restrictions from COVID-19. However home visits from health visitors are continuing for now as appropriate – the duty HV is also available all day for telephone consultations and they are supported by the infant feeding champions. If no one is in the office when you phone, the telephone message directs you to the ABM/BfN helpline. There is also the ‘breastfeeding friends (bff) Salford’ group on Facebook.

The rest of this information is correct as of 23/03/2020, sent in via our partner NHS trusts and organisations.

Bolton At present Infant Feeding workers are still providing home visits when essential. Groups/lactation clinics cancelled. We have a tongue tie clinic still running this week and am awaiting guidance as to whether to cancel all future clinics. Women have been given our number (Tel: 01204 390423) on discharge to ring for telephone support as needed  
Bury Bury are doing as much as possible to continue the 1:1 support for feeding. The peer support group met on Monday 16th March but is likely to be cancelled moving forwards.  The peer supporters have suggested that if mums want support then if the HV teams take the contact details they will call them back to give that individual support that the HV’s may not have time to do. This has still to be implemented.  
Eastern Cheshire The community for East Cheshire comes under Cheshire and Merseyside LMS. They have cancelled all general breastfeeding support groups but are running the two Lactation Clinics in Macclesfield and Crewe. These have changed to appointment only to avoid contact with other mums. Doing only the most urgent home visits for those that cannot travel but are hoping to have Skype or similar up and running soon.  
Manchester – St. Mary’s   No information yet
Manchester Community areas Manchester HV services – Stopped all non-essential contacts and cancelled all clinics as per social distancing policy. Still offering
– Telephone support
-Facetime if available
1 to 1 appointments for urgent/complex feeding issues to those who aren’t self-isolating or in the high risk category.
Hopefully will have enabled conference call facilities in place week commencing 23rd March where we can send clients a link on their phone. If they have a camera and microphone you can conduct a free face to face call. Bit like facetime but more people can access it.
Manchester – Wythenshawe All drop-in clinics and workshops are cancelled until further notice, however day 3 phone call is continuing, patients can self-refer for 1 to 1 appointments if further support needed. Our tongue tie clinic will continue to run for the foreseeable but only for feeding issues.
Pennine – North Manchester Reduced staff available for infant feeding support currently (2 staff due back at some point to support calls made to telephone line). North Manchester GH  (Monday and Friday) – covering clinical areas as needed basis and telephone support when not in a clinical area – number to be confirmed by NMGH  
Pennine Oldham TT Clinic closed as no staff to man.  Will be reviewed 30th March 2020.  ROH – (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) – covering clinical areas as needed basis and telephone support when not in a clinical area – 0161 627 8420 As staff return to work we will open a second number at ROH . We are hoping to offer skype/facetime once mobile set up.   Frenulotomy clinic remains cancelled until further notice   Home Start (cover Oldham and Tameside):  Tel: 07802 883947 Breast feeding Network:  0300 100 0212  
Heywood, Rochdale, Middleton Heywood Middleton Rochdale HV services – Stopped all non-essential contacts and cancelled all clinics as per social distancing advice
Lactation Consultant telephone support  – 0161 716 2835 Face time if available
1 to 1 appointments for urgent/complex feeding issues to those who aren’t self-isolating or in the high risk category  
Stockport All open access clinics has been stopped. We continue to run the telephone helpline, Facebook page and messenger. We are also offering 1-1 appointments (currently twice weekly availability) and are screening on the telephone prior to attendance.  
Tameside Tameside doing as much as can to continue support and using technology such as FaceTime. Home Start duty number during this time is 07802 883947. From w/b 23/03 Home Start will be set up to work remotely, so there will continue to be a Home-Start telephone peer support service. We will continue to make initial, 10 day and 6 week calls, and receive incoming requests for support. The duty phone will be manned 7 days a week on a rota basis within the team.  Some of our peer supporters who are qualified to do so, will also be working on the BfN helpline, who are trying hard their best to meet demand.    Our contact number is:  07802 883947
Breast feeding Network:  0300 100 0212  
Trafford We aim to offer telephone support, possible skype support, and continue to signpost pregnant and breastfeeding women to   The Breastfeeding Companion website, a free online resource  
WWL All breastfeeding support groups have been cancelled. Our Breastfeeding Peer Support Services are carrying out essential home visits and face time and Skype will replace non-essential home visits and are available between 9am and 8pm 7 days a week.
1:1 Face time and skype will be available for all pregnant women. On line support group available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
As an Infant Feeding Team we are increasing the telephone contact. Community Teams will be informed of the support available. In terms of Tongue Tie Clinics these are currently still running but risk assessing in advance of the appointments to check re: symptoms and clinics have procedures in place to avoid families being in waiting area.  

Other support available;

  • Amara’s Space normally has meetups in Bolton but is now offering online, telephone and potentially home visits if needed.
  • Lucy Ruddle IBCLC has a fantastic page giving online support and tips.

Page published 23/03/2020 due for review 16th April 2020