BOOBS in Bury

Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund, we have launched our sister project BOOBS in Bury. Just like in Salford, our aim is to ensure any mum who wants to can have a happy, healthy and comfortable breastfeeding journey. We know the borough has been subject to cuts and changes with breastfeeding support over the last few years – so our BOOBS in Bury team are taking a step by step approach by working with health visitors and other services to start exploring how to make a real impact and help as many parents as possible achieve their breastfeeding goals.

First up; BOOBS Approved Bury. You will hopefully know about our BOOBS Approved scheme available in Salford – 100 local businesses have joined us in celebrating Breastfeeding and supporting mums to breastfeed in independent venues by creating safe spaces across the city. Now, we are doing the same in Bury – from Prestwich to Tottington, we will work with any venue that has got space to welcome mums and their babies.

We’ve been out and about signing venues up already – look out for our bright yellow sticker and posters in fab places around Prestwich village such as Folk, The Coffee Sack , Chips @ No 8 and Pres!

Keep an eye out below for our BOOBS in Bury map coming soon!

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