Join the BOOBS Approved scheme

Thank you for your interest in becoming a BOOBS Approved breastfeeding-friendly business.

If you’re a venue or organisation interested in learning more about our scheme, have a look at the FAQ’s below and fill out our short expression of interest form. We’re looking for any space mums and parents can visit and feel safe and supported in feeding and playing with their children. Some examples of BOOBS Approved venues on our list so far include cafes, restaurants, soft play centres, community centres, and libraries.

Our project manager will be in touch to arrange a sign-up visit with a BOOBS Volunteer. We’d love to hear from any type of venue that regularly accommodates parents and families and feel they would like to promote themselves under our scheme. We are also looking for venues interested in becoming partners Please note: this scheme is open to those businesses operating within the City of Salford.

What is BOOBS Approved? 

B.O.O.B.S Approved is our new award scheme for venues and businesses in Salford to be accredited as Breastfeeding Friendly. The scheme was launched initially in partnership with Salford Royal NHS Trust Baby Friendly UNICEF team, and the Health Improvement Team to improve upon the Breastfeeding Welcome UNICEF scheme. We have since launched a campaign to get 100 independent venues in Salford to sign up to our scheme, and now run a 3-tier partnership scheme for companies to work with us and make their business a safe space for mums to come and feed, and parents to bring their children.

Is the scheme not run by the council already?

You may have seen the original breastfeeding welcome stickers in children centres and gateways across the city of Salford a few years ago. We have since taken over the scheme with the support of the CCG , Salford City council, and Salford Royal NHS Trust in partnership with UNICEF. We are a non-profit organisation led by mums in the city of Salford, and feel we are best placed to design and promote a scheme which works for the service users.

What are the benefits of becoming BOOBS Approved? 

There are a few main benefits of signing up to our scheme:

  • It creates a positive image for your business
  • Be seen as caring – signing up to our scheme says you care about your local community, and parents are comfortable visiting our partner venues – 91% of mums surveyed by us in 2018 said that they feel more confident breastfeeding in public at a BOOBS Approved venue. Many mothers feel embarrassed breastfeeding in public and stop before they want to because they feel they can’t leave the house. 
  • It will attract new customers (news and recommendations spread fast amongst parents)
  • Your business will be actively promoted by us through this website, and our social media, which reaches lots of new parents in Salford.
  • You don’t have to change any part of your business to sign up. All we ask is you adopt our simple policy and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any mums who visit you.

What makes your scheme different to any others?

Our scheme is run by service users and a close-knit team passionate about breastfeeding. We are a non profit organisation, and are not doing this just to tick boxes, but because we want to support local mums and families to do the best for their children. BOOBS Approved is personalised and friendly, and we want to partner with local companies who are just as passionate about their customers as we are.

Since the beginning of our campaign in 2018, we have developed a full partnership scheme with lots of opportunities for local businesses to work with us. Our three-tier programme enables businesses to choose the level of partnership they would like to have with us. Tier 2 and 3 businesses work with us on our Membership card, host groups, partner with us on events and help each other get as many new customers through the door as possible, all whilst supporting parents to have happier and healthier breastfeeding journeys.

Does it have any costs?

As a non-profit organisation we have overhead costs like any other business and want to become less reliant on grants and donations. For any tier 1 partners, becoming BOOBS Approved is free – one of our team will visit you with your marketing pack. Any donations towards the cost of the sticker and poster and our volunteer/staff time are always welcome via Paypal.

Tier 2 and 3 

For any community centres or other non profit organisation venues, tier 2 and 3 partnerships are also free.

For businesses such as shops, restaurants and cafes, we ask for an annual admin fee of £30.  The fee will help cover the cost of our volunteers expenses, overheads and marketing the project (and your business) and will help us become sustainable and less reliant on grant funding to enable us to continue our work. In return for being a tier 2 or 3 business, we will work with you to promote you to our network of parents who are looking for truly family-friendly businesses to visit and shop with. We will invite you to our events as stallholders when appropriate, and use/recommend your services whenever we can.

Interested? Fill in the form below to contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!