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What is BOOBS Approved?

B.O.O.B.S Approved is our award scheme for venues and businesses in Salford and Bury to be accredited as Breastfeeding Friendly. The scheme was launched initially in 2016 through a partnership with Salford Royal NHS Trust Baby Friendly UNICEF team, and the Health Improvement Team to improve upon the Breastfeeding Welcome UNICEF scheme. The scheme promotes safe, comfortable and friendly places for mums to breastfeed their children in the local area. In 2017 we won an innovation award for our BOOBS Approved scheme being so community-friendly. In 2020 we reached our target of 100 independent venues in Salford to sign up to our scheme and we launched our sister project ‘BOOBS Approved Bury’.

Our BOOBS Approved scheme now has two tiers, with tier 2 partner venues hosting our breastfeeding cafes and offering discounts through our membership scheme.

Do venues not have to be breastfeeding friendly by law?

Yes, under no circumstances will our accreditation replace the Equality Act 2010, which means you have the right to breastfeed your baby ANYWHERE you choose.

B.O.O.B.S Approved is a confidence boost to local mums, knowing they can walk in to an approved venue, and feel safe and welcome while they feed their baby. Each venue has been visited and reviewed by a local breastfeeding mum and BOOBS volunteer, and the staff are aware of the scheme and what is expected of them. In addition, our mums have specified other criteria (see below) which they feel each venue should have in order to be accredited.

What is the BOOBS Approved criteria?

Venues have to be welcoming and friendly to feeding mums, and mums should be able to feel they can ask for a private place if they need one (this may just be a comfy seat or a corner). Venues will not turn away a breastfeeding mum and will deal with any customers who make comments or any type of complaint (which we hope would never happen)!

Our volunteers feel that all BOOBS Approved venues should have changing facilities/accessible toilets and room for pushchairs/prams and we do make sure of this when signing a venue up.

Our venues have said that mums who need to feed should be able to come in and feed and NOT have to spend any money, for example if they were to feed in a cafe or restaurant or play centre.

How do I find my nearest BOOBS Approved venue?

You can use our interactive map below to find your nearest venue in Salford or Bury. You can then find directions to your chosen venue via Google Maps. We’ll be updating this map regularly. If you have any suggestions for venues that could sign up to the scheme, please email us zoe@visitfromthestork.co.uk or contact us via Facebook.

Our BOOBS Approved membership scheme

Our BOOBS Approved membership scheme was launched in 2018 as a way of generating income and also promoting the work of our great local businesses to make sure they are breastfeeding friendly and super welcoming to parents in Salford and Bury. Similar to a Tastecard, our BOOBS Membership card offers exclusive discounts across our ‘tier 2’ businesses – which range from Soft Play centres to Cafes to Health and Wellbeing businesses. BOOBS Membership cards can be bought for a one-off cost of £15 for lifetime membership and anyone can be a member – you don’t have to be a breastfeeding parent – just know that you are supporting a great cause. All money raised from the sale of membership cards goes into a pot to help mums who may struggle financially to access specialist breastfeeding support such as Tongue Tie assessments, Lactation Consultant appointments or breast pump hire. 

Businesses who wish to become ‘Tier 2’ and offer a discount to our members also pay a one-off fee of £60 as a donation towards our costs. This cost can be offset as a charity donation for tax purposes! You’ll sign a contract agreeing the discount offered to our members and this can change if needed. In return for being a ‘Tier 2’ BOOBS Approved business, we’ll promote and highlight you on our website and social media and if you have a venue that can host events, we’ll hold a Breastfeeding cafe or event at your venue. By offering a discount and a welcoming space to parents, we hope you would get new business from local families who otherwise would not have used your services. If you do not have a venue, we will invite you to our sessions to talk about your business or run tasters – for example Mini First Aid and Music Stars have both worked with us on running exclusive sessions for BOOBS. 

Other things we do

Peer Support

We support mums through online and face-to-face peer support appointments with our trained volunteers who are all breastfeeding mums living in Salford or Bury.


We run monthly breastfeeding cafes which are social sessions, perfect for meeting other mums and reaching out for support if needed.

Antenatal Classes

We run 3-week antenatal sessions focused specifically on breastfeeding. Aimed at parents-to-be who are 30+ weeks pregnant, these sessions are free to access and run throughout the year.

Pram walks

We run weekly pram and sling walks across Bury borough to bring mums together to get active, learn more about their local area and access breastfeeding support.


We run regular social and education events throughout the year including in World Breastfeeding Week in August. This year, we are also hosting fundraising events to raise money as a charity.

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