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Be Open on Breastfeeding Salford (B.O.O.B.S) and our sister project BOOBS in Bury are open community groups set up to empower women to be open about their breastfeeding experiences and inspire others to breastfeed for longer. We believe every mum should have the chance to have a happy, safe and comfortable breastfeeding journey.

BOOBS is part of our parent social enterprise Visit from the Stork CIC and was first set up in 2014 by CEO Kimberly Bond. The project is led by Zoe (Project Manager), Kerry Purle (Peer support lead and events coordinator) and our team of amazing volunteers. Meet our team here. 

We support mums by;

  • Offering online and face-to-face breastfeeding support across Salford and Bury,
  • Running monthly social and educational Breastfeeding cafe events at our BOOBS Approved venues in Salford and Bury
  • Holding antenatal ‘A BOOBS introduction to Breastfeeding’ sessions for mums-to-be, currently in Prestwich but open to all mums.
  • Pram walks and small meetups in Radcliffe, Bury
  • Campaigning for mums to be supported in the community through our BOOBS Approved campaign. 
  • Offering a membership scheme with exclusive discounts at our BOOBS venues to support families and local businesses. 

Our values

  • Voice – we will always advocate for our clients, campaign for more support for breastfeeding mothers and shout as loud as we can about what changes are needed for the next generation. We will support mums in Salford and Bury to voice what they need to have a happy and safe breastfeeding journey. 
  • Communication – we believe communication is key to a successful breastfeeding journey. We will always give real information in our breastfeeding education posts and classes about the realities of different breastfeeding journeys and what to expect. We will teach mums the importance of communicating with their baby and support system. 
  • Initiating social change – Our campaigns and work aim to make a real long-term difference in our communities through improvements in breastfeeding rates and confidence in breastfeeding women in Salford.
  • Challenging the status quo – we want things to change and not stay the same. We will challenge anything that means local women and children are not getting the support they deserve.

We launched this website in 2017 with the help of Awards for All funding and we’re aiming for it to be the go-to place for information and breastfeeding support in Salford and Bury (with a new update November 2021).

Our BOOBS Approved campaign has seen over 100 venues in Salford pledge to be a safe and comfortable place for mums to breastfeed without having to spend a penny (although we do hope you will support them when you can) and we have now launched BOOBS Approved in Bury borough too. You can find your nearest BOOBS venue using our maps for Salford and for Bury. 

Our tier 2 BOOBS venues also offer an exclusive discount to our members – which anyone can be a part of for just £60 lifetime membership. 

In 2018, we started attending community events with our BOOBS play garden, on a mission to speak to as many mums as possible about their breastfeeding experiences and creating a safe space for parents and toddlers to sit down and talk to us. We also launched our BOOBS Cafe events, with the first one being at Ordsall Cafe in Salford.

In 2019 we launched our volunteer-led community peer support service, partnering with the Sling libraries and Dance Like a Mother to create a support system in our BOOBS venues in Salford. We supported over 120 mums in our first year of providing 1:1 support. 

In 2020, when lockdown hit and our BOOBS venues had to close due to Covid-19, we switched to focusing on online support. We launched our webchat peer support service in June 2020 and it is now available Mon-Friday 10-1 pretty much every week of the year. We also launched BOOBS in Bury to support parents in Bury borough – from Prestwich through to Tottington. 

We’re now back open again offering 1:1 support out in our partner venues, monthly cafe events, as well as our new antenatal classes and pram walks. 

Keep up to date with our news through our Facebook and Instagram

We are always on the look out for volunteers and mums wanting to get involved in our future plans, so please contact us via social media or zoe@breastfeedinginsalford.org.uk if you are interested, or if there is any way we can support you.

Meet the BOOBS team

We’ve been growing our close knit BOOBS team since 2015 and have an amazing group working both behind the scenes and on ‘the front line’ delivering our services to mums. Meet them below!

BOOBS staff

Kim Preston-Bond: Founder

Zoe: project manager

Kerry: Peer support lead and events coordinator

About BOOBS Kimberly Preston-Bond

Kim started the B.O.O.B.S project in 2014 after researching into breastfeeding rates in Salford. She is passionate about helping mums achieve their breastfeeding goals. Kim does strategic work such as sitting on the ‘breastfeeding task & finish’ group and speaking at conferences but also helps run the BF cafes and our antenatal sessions. You can contact Kim on  kim@breastfeedinginsalford.org.uk

About BOOBS - A mum tandem feeding her two daughters

Zoe is our BOOBS project manager, helping sign up businesses to our BOOBS Approved programme, as well as helping run our events, supporting breastfeeding mothers and writing some content about breastfeeding topics for our blog and our social media.

About BOOBS Kerry Staff photo

Kerry joined us as a volunteer in 2018 and is a trained ABM peer supporter with lots of experience supporting women to breastfeed. Kerry is now working as our Project Administrator supporting Rachel and Zoe and leading the Peer Support volunteers. She also runs our antenatal classes each month.

Kerry is mum to Caitlyn, 8 and Annabelle, 6.

BOOBS volunteers

Our BOOBS peer support volunteers are the glue that holds our project together – we simply couldn’t support mums without them! Our volunteers are mums from both Salford and Bury who have all completed training through the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers or Breastfeeding Together – and crucially have all successfully breastfed their children, from between 4 months and nearly 3 years! This means they have a variety of experiences to be able to effectively give breastfeeding support. Our peer supporters can meet women 1:1 at our BOOBS venues, chat to them online or on the telephone, or provide a home visit (depending on the age of the baby.) They also support us through our monthly cafe events and stalls within the community.

We are always on the lookout for new volunteers – if you’re a breastfeeding mum in Salford or Bury borough, or have previously breastfed your children and have some time to spare, please email Kim or Zoe and we’ll send you a sign up form!

About BOOBS_becky volunteer photo

Hi, I’m Becky. I live in Salford with my fiancé, my dog (a slightly feral Greek rescue ) and my little boy Murphy who is now 2 years old. I’m a work at home mum who loves strong coffee, good food and long walks in the park! ✨☕️

Having struggled with lots of hurdles in the early days of my own breastfeeding journey (which lasted 15 months) and seen just how valuable the right support can be, I trained as a peer supporter myself to help other mums who might find themselves struggling or just need someone to talk to about their breastfeeding journey. 👏🤱

I’m really proud to be a part of team BOOBS and look forward to being able to make a difference!

About BOOBS_rebecca volunteer photo

Hey I’m Rebecca 👋🏻 I live in Radcliffe with my son, husband, and cat.

My son recently turned 1, which means I’ve been breastfeeding for over a year – a milestone I never dreamed of reaching when we first started out! I found breastfeeding excruciating in the early days and weeks due to tongue tie, and really struggled with the exhausting cluster-feeding days ☀️ and nights 🌙

Discovering BOOBS felt like finding a light at the end of a dark tunnel!

Knowing there was friendly and approachable support available kept me going, so volunteering with them just felt right. I’m passionate about helping parents on their own feeding journeys, and providing both physical and emotional support during a life-changing time

About BOOBS_esme volunteer photo

Hi I’m esme, Mama to my first baby Raphael. 🙌

I have always loved breastfeeding but have had rocky times facing a tongue tie which was resolved at 8 weeks was a major hurdle for me and one I couldn’t have got over without the help of the BOOBS Bury team.

I have attended numerous 1:1 chats and BOOBS cafe sessions and the support I have received has been amazing!
I hope as being a volunteer to offer my support to mamas on their journey and give back to this amazing community!

About BOOBS_ashleigh volunteer photo

Hi I’m Ashleigh, Mummy to Annie. I volunteer for BOOBS to help support & empower women on their breastfeeding journeys. 

After a very rocky start with breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum I was ready to throw in the towel. After a couple of chats with a breastfeeding peer support worker and some amazing advice and sign posting from her, suddenly things turned around. I remember crying tears of joy during my first pain free feed in 6 weeks. 

I continued to BF Annie for 18 months and it really is one of my proudest achievements.