7…reasons to become (or stay) a BOOBS Member

By Rachel Parkinson – Project Manager

Have you joined the club yet? Last year we launched a BOOBS Membership card for parents and their supporters to be able to enjoy exclusive discounts in our Tier 2 venues as well as us raising some much needed funds to keep the project going. Here’s 7 great reasons why you should become a BOOBS member too (or renew of course!)

  1. Every day is a coffee and cake day! 
A photo of a cup of tea on a table in GK Gallery, one of our BOOBS approved venues offering discount in the BOOBS member scheme.
A cup of tea at GK Gallery

Mums love cafes, and our cafes love mums! There are loads of cafes in Salford that give you discount just for flashing your BOOBS (card!) – from 10% off your total bill to free cups of tea. We choose our venues wisely so all our BOOBS Approved cafes are completely baby and toddler friendly – no better reason to catch up with your mum friends!

2. Discover new places. 

One of the best things about the discount card is that we are trawling the corners of Salford to bring you new, independent venues to give you perks; so go on, try somewhere new.

3. We have something for everyone, and the perfect excuse to try them all! 

Want to get back to the gym? Siren Asylum will give you 15% off ALL memberships and PAYG classes. Fancy a posh meal? Porta Salford Tapas Bar gives you 10% off all food and drinks before 4pm every day of the week. Quick brew? Chimney Pot Café @ Langworthy Cornerstone or GK Gallery have your back. Child going to nursery? Have a look at Monton Village Nursery for huge savings.

4. Support local businesses – and have fun too! 

Our BOOBS Supporters are made up of small, parent-owned businesses and provide services such as Baby Sensory, books for children from Usborne and even chocolate making. They are all offering discounts to our BOOBS members as well, so have a look and see what you fancy!

5. We listen to your feedback. 

You spoke and we listened; we heard you wanted more nurseries and The Lowry BOOBS Approved… and we made that happen for you! You wanted more visible information on the discounts… and we are now rolling out posters in all our Tier 2 venues. We are community before profit, so we will always do what is best for our mums.

6. You are supporting a fantastic cause – and funds go straight back in to helping parents like you. 

Every time someone buys a BOOBS card, the resulting profit goes straight back into the project. So you can enjoy your discounts knowing that you have helped a peer supporter meet with a struggling mum, or a volunteer meet their ABM training goals, or a mum to come to one of our events who may not be able to afford it.

7. We are adding more venues each month – yet the cost stays the same. 

We really appreciate all the members we’ve had whilst we’ve been growing, and over the coming year you will see loads more exciting places added to our list. But don’t worry, we won’t be increasing the price – it’s just £5 for 12 months membership. The benefits just get better and better!

If you’re a BOOBS member and need to renew your BOOBS membership from 2018, look out for an email from me (Rachel) in the coming weeks. It’s easy to renew – pay by card via the invoice we send you or email back if you want to pay by Paypal.

If you’re not a BOOBS member yet, what are you waiting for? Purchase a card from our shop below or email us at breastfeedinginsalford@gmail.com and we can send you a link to pay by card via invoice.